snowing in Santa Cruz at Farleys Christmas Wonderland

Snowing in Santa Cruz

It’s Sunday December 30: My computer is still threatening to die, but all I need is one more day to make a post and that will be the last post for awhile. I will be closed at 8:30 tonight – it’s cold out and possibly 9pm on New Year’s Eve. It has been snowing every night here.

Have a great weekend – Happy New Year.


Pat Farley making Christmas lights in Santa Cruz

Making Christmas lights by Farley

This year I started making our own Christmas lights; it’s costly. But, when a light goes out it’s just that light and it does not effect the others. I just threw away a set of C9’s yesterday that claimed if one light goes out it that it will not effect the others – so why did half the light strand go out? I spent over a few hours trying to find the bad light and never found it and had to throw it away.

We have 3 new toy soldiers this year, along with our giant nutcrackers being refurbished -they’re bright and shiny.  I posted times and hours for this Christmas season. December 7th, we will be closed.

Starting on the 8th, for all you Disney Christmas fans you have to check out my Disney Christmas Photo Gallery, featuring pictures I have taken at Disneyland during the Christmas Holidays. It was up but my panels got damaged during this last wind storm and I’m working hard to get them back on.

setting up for Christmas

christmas tree prepping

This summer I added more lights to the fairy garden and our ferns that I planted last year are now growing and looking good. I had to redo a lot of the solar lighting – I converted them over to ac so they now have plugs. I’ve bought so many solar lights and they just do not last – they look good, but they’re to expensive not to last.

Every year I have to refurbish the ABC building blocks  –  even with outdoor sign paint covering the wood, by the end of the Christmas season you can see the weather damage. But, they still look good from a distance. Right now they’re looking good.


Merry Christmas everyone and hope to see you here.