Farley’s Christmas Wonderland

For all you Disney Christmas fans you have to check out my Disney Christmas Photo Gallery, featuring pictures I have taken at Disneyland during the Christmas Holidays.

Monday & Tuesday December 11 & 12th, will be window viewing only.

To all the parents bringing children, I have to ask you to watch you’re kids, this is not a playground – my collectable decorations are being broke by children running around and this has to stop.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope to see you here.


setting up for Christmas

christmas tree prepping

This summer I redid the fairy garden a few times. Went in and pulled everything out and put all LED lighting in. Putting the bamboo fencing back in, I saw that the fence needed repair; that turned in to opening a can of worms. I had to take everything back out including the lighting and replace the fence – the fence posts were rotted out. After finishing this, I decided to plant ferns which I should have done in the beginning, but I just wanted to get it done and was going to leave the ferns in pots.

I’m hoping to do a Disney display this Christmas. I’m trying to come up with ideas on how and where to display it in our yard. Over the years I’ve taken pictures of Disneyland during Christmas and I’d like to show them, but being that it is winter I have to keep the pictures out of the rain and moisture. Disney fans will definitely appreciate them.