Farley's Toyland

Farley’s Toy Soldiers on display

Welcome to Farley’s Christmas Wonderland website. We are a walk-in Christmas display located in the midtown of Santa Cruz, CA. Our exhibit is very traditional (emulating Disneyland): lots of Christmas trees, garlands, sleighs, an elf village, a miniature village, and a log cabin that Santa uses for his rest stops. Being Irish, where you have elves you have fairies and we have a fairy grotto with 2 waterfalls and fairies that can be viewed on special nights. Also, on those special nights, it snows here.

Unlike all other Christmas displays where you drive by, we are a walk-in, where people will spend time sitting on the bench in the Fairy Garden looking and listening to the waterfall or sitting in the rocking chairs in the log cabin in front of the fireplace. If you bring small kids especially little girls, do not expect to be leaving soon. When they discover Rivi’s house – you’re not leaving.

During the summer and Christmas holidays a lot of people travel and when people are traveling during the Christmas holidays, where ever they go the one thing all travels want to see are Christmas decorations – they want to see how people in that country celebrate and decorate for Christmas. And every year we get more travelers from all over the world who are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area or the Monterey Bay.

Christmas at Farley's

Farley’s Elf village

Department 56, who is a manufacturer that sells Christmas and holiday collectables world wide, recognized us as being one of the top 10 Christmas displays.

The “press” tab has links to newspaper and TV articles about us. View my blog for daily posts on hours and times, especially when there’s rain forecasted.

Check our hours and location page for daily updates. If it’s raining or a likely forecast, we do not open. Not all of our display is rain proof, such as flocked trees and wooden soldiers.



Rittenhouse Tree

The Rittenhouse Tree

This is our new 25′ tree, which we call The Rittenhouse House. Thank you to the Rittenhouse’s for making this happen.


COVID: People are asking if we are open – we are not a business. This is an “outdoor” Christmas display in our yard which covers 3 lots, which allows for plenty of social distancing. If you read the blog, I talk about our safety protocols.

Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Gail Newel said at a press conference Thursday morning: ……….

“She suggested getting outdoors and being active. Those who choose to gather with others should do it in the safest manner possible — in the outdoors while exercising with six feet between individuals and masks on.

“We did not understand yet how the virus spread in March and April,” Newel said. “It was a brand new virus and (we thought) it may spread through air or water. We were much more concerned about outdoor activities than we are at this time. Now we know if you’re active outdoors it’s almost impossible to acquire the virus in that setting…”


Farley's Christmas Wonderland Logo

Farley’s Christmas Wonderland T-shirt

We just received our T-shirts and we will have them for sale.

I want to thank the Rittenhouse’s, Farley Electrical, Zen Island, and Randy Gray Construction for their support.



contact: hueyak@cruzio.com